iconbeauty in the fall

The fall colors were a perfect backdrop for this session with a darling, little family. This wife and mother schedules family pictures EVERY year! It makes my heart swell knowing that their lives are being documented for their own future enjoyment, and for their children and posterity to follow.


iconat home

I absolutely love to photograph families in or around their own homes.  When I am invited to a family's home, I get to capture a little piece of their lives as they live them every day. It feels authentic and real and meaningful. I feel so blessed that this family trusted me enough to invite me into their space for our session.



iconlove in dc

I had such a lovely morning in DC with these two. It was so refreshing to be out in the sun after the never-ending winter that we've had. But more than that, the company was simply delightful. These two have been married for just over a year, but I learned so much from them about how to keep my 18 year marriage strong. I have a feeling that these two have a pretty great family and future ahead of them.