iconSweet Pea

Her nickname says it all: she is just the sweetest little peanut ever! She makes this little squishy-nose face when she is trying to be funny.

And one with a vintage feel just for fun!


iconsoft and sweet

I was playing around with Photoshop today, and I liked the way this one turned out. Just thought I would share.


icon3 sweet sisters

These little girls live in the same house, but they have such different personalities. One is a ham, one is wild and crazy, and one is a girly girl. We had such a fun adventure early one morning and we came home with these great shots.

iconA beautiful family

I'd been wanting to take this family's pictures for quite some time. I was happy that they finally let me take them out for a shoot. Little sis gave me a run for my money, but I think we ended up with some great shots.

icon"A" and "X"

These kiddos are not even a year apart. Their mom sure has her hands full! But they were the sweetest little things!


iconSweet baby girl

After chasing my own children and other toddlers around trying to get some decent photos, a newborn baby that stayed in one place was a very welcome change. She was such a sweet little thing.

iconOne year old golfer

This little guy LOVES to play golf. It was a blast--and a huge workout--photographing him as he ran around the course with the look of pure joy on his face!

iconBig "T" and Little "M"

I took pictures of these cute kiddos so mom could give them to the Grandmas for Mother's Day. Little "M" didn't really want to have anything to do with me or my camera, and Big "T" was searching hard to find my magic pet that lives in my camera. I couldn't resist taking a few shots with Mom in the pic, too. She is so photogenic!

iconMy Little Sis