3 sweet sisters

These little girls live in the same house, but they have such different personalities. One is a ham, one is wild and crazy, and one is a girly girl. We had such a fun adventure early one morning and we came home with these great shots.


The McCulloughs said...

OHHHHHH YEAH!! I am so excited for you that I can hardly stand it! Since when did you get sooo professional? Your site is awesome and your pics are too! We need to schedule another family shoot with you before you get too booked!! LOVE IT and keep up the great work! BTW, thanks for saying I am photogenic... you had to say that since you are my friend!

raw mom said...

i am so happy for you!!! this looks GREAT!! and might i add, mandy looks absolutly GORGEOUS in that last pic of her and the kids! yay for you!!