iconToday's photo: A rock wall and a girl

This one is pretty self-explanatory. (R, if you mind, then let me know...I have more of your gang in the pipeline)


iconToday's photo: Double doors

I was intrigued with the windows and doors that I saw in Guatemala during my trip July '06. They didn't look quite as good in a picture as they did in real life...at least not until I learned how to use photoshop. Here is just one (technically 2) for now. I am sure you will be seeing more in the days to come.


iconToday's photos: urban kids

This was an accidental photo shoot that I think turned out quite fun. I love the bright colors...but I was also loving the vintage feel to these, too. Enjoy!

P.S. the blue hat is another one that I made. The pink hat and the flowers are from Brynnsbowsandblossoms.blogspot.com


iconToday's photo: gotta love the gap

All too often we only photograph our children when they are looking their best. I love to document them at every phase in their development and their daily lives. One day I will look back and laugh at this huge gap in his mouth.


iconToday's photo: soft and bright baby

I usually try to make the color in my pictures as true-to-life as possible. But I thought this one looked nice with a bit of softness and brightness.


iconPicture of the Day

I was inspired by a photographer friend of mine to post a new picture every day. My goal is to keep myself practicing and improving each and every day. With these "Picture of the Day" posts, I plan to try new locations, compositions, techniques, etc. to push myself beyond my comfort zone a little bit. Your honest comments and critiques are always welcome and appreciated. Don't worry about hurting my feelings if you hate it. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here is my first picture of the day entry: Mommy and Me. I added a bit of texture and tried a new conversion on this one.


iconKids on a bed

I origionally went to this family's house with the intention of photographing their sweet new baby. While I got some great shots of the wee one, I will leave most of those for the family to enjoy. Here is just one.

I fell in love with these shots of the kids on the bed. They were so sweet and simple.

And here is a shot of all of the kids together.


iconLook what I made!

I keep seeing these darling crochet hats in photographs, and I wanted to get some myself. However, I did not want to shell out the $25-30 they cost. So I figured I would try my skills and see if I could make some. I think they turned out pretty darn cute! What do you think?


iconRocker chic

This little sweetie found her way to the dress up clothing at my house and ended up looking like this! I think she could give Tina Turner a run for her money!


iconLittle sis in preschool

I couldn't forget about little sis heading off for preschool. Notice the shoes on the wrong feet, the squinty eyes that just cannot remain open when she has a smile on her face, and the generous gap between her two front teeth. These are things I want to remember always!


iconBack to School

Summer is over...already!!! Here are "N" and "W" with the new outfits they chose for the first day of school.

And my favorite shot of the morning...because it really shows their personalities...