Cake Smash

Somebody's turning one!!! I've been very excited to see what she would do with a whole cake all to herself.

For the most part I think she was more concerned with the balloons than the cake.

She did start picking at it a little bit.

By the end she had made a nice mess of herself...but still pretty tame compared to others I have seen.


The Evans' said...

Your pictures are so great. I found this site of another photographer and she has the same style as you. thought you might want to look. http://saraboulterphotography.blogspot.com/

Erin Fonnesbeck said...

I love Sara Boulter too! These cake pictures are priceless - did you get a studio set up?

The McCulloughs said...

The bum smashed with cake is too cute!!! Did you make the cake? I am still craving the cake you made for Scarlett's party; that was sooooo good!! Maybe I should just hire you to make me a birthday cake!!

raw mom said...

4th pic...SO DARLING!! love IT! i need to stop feeling so awful so i can get some shoots done...i miss it.