icon2 cute girls, one cat, and one dog

I had a fun little session with this darling family the other day. It didn't take me long to learn that little sis LOVES animals. We had a cat following us around on the shoot, and she didn't want to have anything to do with me or my camera while the cat was around. Once I pulled out my stuffed dog I was able to get a few shots. But then she adopted the dog as her own, and photography was again out the window. But don't worry, Mom. We still got some good ones of your two sweet girls and your beautiful family. Take a look at a few that I have edited so far.

iconThis one caught my eye

When I walked away from the session, I thought that all of the shots from this series were going to have to be tossed. "T" was not feeling like cooperating, and it was a real struggle to get the little lady to look at the camera. But when I was editing last night I ended up really liking this one. It's just all about the little lady.


iconPhoto Scavenger Hunt

These guys were such good sports following me around to all of my new and random locations. I think we ended up with some fun ones. With this gang, you can't help but have fun! I even did a head swap in one of them. Can you tell which one?

And one just for fun...


iconA quick sneak peak

I have been BUSY...here are a few until I can get more done!


iconAs promised

So blogger decided to throw a new thing at me, which took me forever to figure out. But I have finally broken the code, and I can post my pictures again!

So here are a few more of the 4 generations shoot. This family is such a fun, FUN family. We did some of the serious ones, but by the end they were letting their true personalities shine through. (Sorry guys for not getting your names right...ever!)

One of the four generations together:

And a few to show their true personalities:


iconTechnical difficulties!!

I have some more updates ready to post, but for some reason my blog does not want to cooperate. I can only post teeny, tiny pictures...aaagh!!! I'll keep working on it and hopefully post more of the 4 generations tomorrow. But for now...sleep!


icon4 generations

I was SOOO nervous for this shoot! I am not sure why I psyched myself up so much. Perhaps because there was only this one day in the history of this family that 4 generations would be together in the same place at the same time...and the fact that it was the largest group that I have photographed to date..plus this family had not had a family picture for 10 years and they were hoping for a good one! Yeah, I was nervous. I am just getting around to editing these. (After the shoot I promptly went home and *barely* lived through the nastiness of food poisoning...I am still trying to recover!) But I wanted to post at least one to let you know that we did get a shot with everyone looking at the camera with eyes open and no fingers up their noses. Yipee! I will post some more once I get a chance to work on these a bit.


iconBeautiful people

These are some of the most beautiful people I know...inside and out. They are so easy-going, complimentary, happy, helpful, and genuine. And don't they look so darn good in their colorful clothes?! We had a fun time taking a few pics the other morning. Big brother started out not quite sure what to think of me and my camera. But he brought out his best smiles once his Mom started mentioning Santa Claus. Here are just a few of the shots we got.



I have been working on editing these pictures, and they are looking...mmm...not quite right on my screen. Just wondering how they show up on here.


iconMore of Sarah and her violin

When I edit a session, sometimes the pictures I think I am going to love turn out to not be my favorite. I have been editing this session for several days now (I got a little carried away while we were shooting and took WAY too many pictures), and I keep finding new favorites. I thought maybe you would enjoy looking at them, too.


iconScheduling and fees

Hi All!

I just wanted to thank all of you who have scheduled your photo sessions with me. I am having a great time taking your pictures, and my head is always spinning with new ideas. I look forward to some great shoots in the coming months.

Having said that, I wanted to let you know that I only have enough room for 2-3 shoots before Christmas. If you were planning to have some pictures taken before the holidays, then you need to give me a call ASAP!!

And finally, I will be adjusting my prices beginning January 2009. Current prices will be good for all sessions scheduled before the new year. (Sessions can take place in 2009, but must be scheduled before the new year to qualify.) Most people have been taking advantage of my free session fee with a signed model release and getting an entire CD of full resolution files for only $75!! This is an amazing deal! Give me a call to schedule a session, and I will lock you in for this price.

...and just because I can't stand to post without including a picture, here is one of my favorites of Mr. Blue Eyes (see post below).


iconMr. Blue Eyes

As I was driving to my appointment to shoot this darling 4 1/2 month old boy, whom I have never met before today, I kept thinking "I would love to photograph some big, blue eyes." Well, this little cutie definitely did not disappoint! Just take a look at these baby blues! Here's a quick sneak peek.

Have you ever seen eyes so blue?!

And one for Dad...


iconA beautiful woman and a violin

I have been SO excited to do this photo shoot with my friend and neighbor. She is an amazingly talented musician, so we set out to photograph her with one of her loves. We found the most incredible location, used my awesome new chair, and when you added this beautiful woman and her stunning violin, we got some FANTASTIC pictures! Thank you, thank you, Sarah, for letting me do this with you. I have TONS of pictures to still go through. Here are just a few for now.

Aren't her eyes the most gorgeous color of green?!


iconToday's photo: dress up