4 generations

I was SOOO nervous for this shoot! I am not sure why I psyched myself up so much. Perhaps because there was only this one day in the history of this family that 4 generations would be together in the same place at the same time...and the fact that it was the largest group that I have photographed to date..plus this family had not had a family picture for 10 years and they were hoping for a good one! Yeah, I was nervous. I am just getting around to editing these. (After the shoot I promptly went home and *barely* lived through the nastiness of food poisoning...I am still trying to recover!) But I wanted to post at least one to let you know that we did get a shot with everyone looking at the camera with eyes open and no fingers up their noses. Yipee! I will post some more once I get a chance to work on these a bit.


Russ and Suz Adamson said...

Dion, you poor thing! Hope you are feeling better. Wow! This is a big group. This is a cute location. Looks good

Sarah said...

Hey, they look great! I don't know why you were nervous, you are awesome. I hope you are feeling better, that's some yucky stuff. :(