Just two

I only have a quick minute, but I wanted to get a sneak peak up for you K and C. These two little boys are ADORABLE. Unfortunately the baby did not love my camera...we are going to have to try him again another day. I couldn't resist taking a couple anyways. Have you ever seen such a sad little face? Big brother, on the other hand, was a pro in front of the camera. He has his "camera smile" down pat, but I liked this serious one of him, too.


Chris said...

Sorry Rhett was such a pill. I think the combination of the cold, the loud lawn mower, and waking up an hour earlier than usual contributed to his grumpiness. We can't wait to try again. We love the pictures!

Unknown said...

Oh K I am so sorry it didn't work I know how excited you were. The thing about pictures is you still get to capture moments and particular traits- the pictures are still precious and the sweaters awesome! ;)