iconHappy holidays

I'll bet this little gal's parents and big brothers are having a very happy holiday season enjoying the new addition to the family. She was just as sweet as can be. When I first got there she wasn't sure if she wanted to be awake or asleep. I debated putting her in this wooden dish while she was awake, because I didn't think it was going to be very comfortable for her. Boy was I wrong! As soon as we set her down in the dish she closed her eyes and fell right to sleep! Babies sure are funny creatures. And oh how I love them!

Here's a sneak peek that is sure to brighten your day!


iconA few for a friend

I know I am the one usually behind the camera, but occasionally I need to step in front of it, too. My friend Brittany and I did a family photo session exchange. Click on her name (and then scroll down) to see some of the great shots she took of my family. Here are just a few of hers.


iconMore sweetness

The sessions are just piling up. I am getting way behind. Time seems to fly by too fast. But this sweet, little one makes me smile. I'll bet she puts a smile on your face, too.


iconFor Aunt Sommer

Can you imagine the sheer delight on my girls' faces when these beautiful dresses arrived in the mail from their Aunt Sommer?! They insisted that they put them on immediately, and they continue to wear them every chance they get.


iconSweet Sawyer

I am supposed to be packing for a much needed vacay with my hubby in the morning, but I just couldn't help myself. This sweet little thing was so good to me. She was out like a light and just let me play for several hours yesterday. She stole my heart. Here are just a couple for your viewing pleasure until I come back to edit some more.

Bon Voyage!


iconI've waited long enough

Prepare yourself for picture overload. I just couldn't help myself. It was a new experience for me to have 2 willing subjects who did not try to escape my camera! Heaven, actually! And the fact that they were beautiful made it even better.

They would end up in poses like this without any direction at all. Seriously.

Again, not planned...just beautiful people being themselves.

I can't ever pass up a chance to sneak in "life is good" in a picture.

Joel has some good secrets.

Isn't she going to be a beautiful bride?!

They look good from any angle.

Doesn't she just look giddy to have this man all to herself? Bet she can't wait for the upcoming wedding.

Joel was "not feeling" these next couple shots, but I love them. I guess that is my "artsy fartsy" coming out.

And one final look at this gorgeousness. Enjoy!



I had a great engagement session last week. My first engagement session ever actually. And I absolutely. loved. it! I loved the feeling and interaction between these two. It didn't hurt that they were both absolutely stunning, too!! There are so many I want to share, but for now I just have one.

See what I mean...STUNNING! Check back next week for more from this session.


iconA crew {St. George Family Photographer}

Random thought of the night: If you have never been pregnant, then the best way that I can explain how it feels to be kicked from the inside is to have a nearly constant, very large, muscle twitch in your belly. Mmmm-hmmm. As I have been editing tonight I have this muscle twitch that just will not go away.

On to the photos...

This mom is beginning to be a bit of a blog hog. Not necessarily by her choice. I guess that is just what happens when our families tend to spend a lot of time together and I always have a camera. I don't mind (I'm sure you won't either.) She is pretty to look at, and this time she is accompanied by her beautiful family. There is a few of them {understatement!}. This is our second attempt to take a good family picture for them this year. This time I think we managed to do it, and no head swapping was necessary! Way to go team!