iconHello, my friends!

I have learned a lot since I have been really studying photography. Of course, I have learned things like shutter speed, aperature, exposure, focus, etc. But more importantly, I have learned that I like my clients...ALL of you! I love spending time with you. I love feeling your energy, enthusiasm, and love. I love being inspired by you. I just really like you.

This family was no exception. They were fun, quirky, and up for anything. Take a peek at their session.


iconAs promised

I had so much fun getting to know this great family a little bit better. Big brother and sister and I got to be friends quite quickly as we huddled together in the golf cart trying to escape the cold. Despite the chilly, I quite enjoyed myself. Here is a quick sneak peak.


iconIt's coming...

If you are waiting for your sneak peek, then hang in there just a bit longer. It's been a busy week. It'll be up early next week...promise!


iconPart 2 of the "O" Family

I had a really hard time deciding what to share...I loved them all. This family was so much fun!


iconHats for Sale!!!

So, after many, many requests, I am finally selling some of the crochet hats that I make. They are newsboy style hats for babies and toddlers. Here are a few pictures of what they look like:

I currently have the following colors/sizes available. (All sizes are approximate and may vary a bit with each hat because of their handmade nature.)

12-24 months $15
Deep red
Light grey-blue

18 mos-3 years $17
Lime green

Toddler (3-5 yrs.) $18
Heather pink

As for right now, I am NOT planning on selling these on a continual basis. Once these hats are gone, there may never be any more. So, if you want them, then get them now!!! It is first come, first serve. Send me an email at dionseneca@gmail.com with the hats that you want. If I don't have the size/color that you want, then send me an email with what you do want. I will create a waitlist, so IF I decide to make more, then I will know what you want.


iconSneak Peak for the "O" Family, part 1

I am having so, so, SO much fun playing with these. Thanks, guys, for being so willing to try anything. It was a blast for me. And, if you ask me, you are all beautiful enough to be featured on a National Geographic special on true beauty.

I have tons of shots still to go through, but I wanted to get at least a few up for you now. I will be posting more sometime next week. Enjoy!


iconMy sweets...just one

After a very busy Christmas card season, it feels good to be back capturing my own sweet things a bit.



This beautiful family has NEVER had their pictures taken as a family of 3--at least not professionally. And the last time that they were in front of the camera as a couple was at their wedding day over 6 years ago! What a shame...they are such beautiful people, inside and out. I was honored to photograph their beautiful family as one of my last sessions last year. Here is their sneak peak!


iconBack in the swing of things

School started today, which means that productivity can resume! B & T, yours are done. C & L, yours will be done before the end of the week. I promise.

This family has it all...blonde, brunett, redhead...green (hazel) eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes...sweet, sassy, moody, hilarious, fun!


iconOne I came across

I have been trying to clear some of the photos and other files from my computer, and I came across this one. It was just a quick snap when she was over playing with my boys, but I loved it. I love the messy hair (not messy by my standards, but definitely by her mom's standards). I just love how relaxed and sweet she looks, so I thought I would share.



This is my friend, Erin, and her cute family. She is a talented photographer (you can see her work at www.erinfonnesbeckphotography.blogspot.com) . And she asked me to take a family photo for her. I was intimidated, and I was not at the top of my game *sigh* Here are a few...