iconThat special bond {St. George, Utah Photographer}

There is nothing quite as special as the bond between a mother and her baby. And that is exactly what I was trying to capture with this sweet babe and her beautiful Mama. Can you feel it?


iconMy heart is all a flutter

This is only the first picture I have edited from this session, and I am in love already! Tell me what you think, pretty please...color or bw?


iconA Darling Little Family

You have to agree...this little family is pretty darn cute! And this mom gets the award for the best coordinated--yet not matchy-matchy--outfits. They all look so great, don't you think? I met this family for the first time when they met me at the location of their photo session. I just love meeting new people. They were friendly, easy-going, and just all around great to work with.

Without further ado...your sneak peek!


iconI think I am in LOVE!!

I got a new camera...the Nikon d700! I LOVE it!! This is just a quick snap I took tonight at ISO 6400 and NO NOISE REDUCTION SOFTWARE!!! Wowza!! (Those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, just know that this is AMAZING!! With my old camera, photos taken at higher than 400 ISO looked MUCH grainier/noisier than this.) Just thought I would share my news.--and my darling little one who is growing up way too fast!

Happy Thursday!


icon2 very special little girls {St. George, Utah Children's Photographer}

I always feel so honored and blessed when a family allows me to capture special moments in their lives. These two beautiful girls were absolute miracles for their parents and adoring older brothers. And in just two weeks they will all become an eternal family. I was able to capture a few images of these very special girls at such a special time for their family. Both girls were angels during our time together. Thanks again for letting me spend the morning with you, and enjoy your sneak peek.


I came across this entry from a fellow photographer's blog, and I felt like she
took the words right from my heart. I wanted to share them with you...

I know you have heard it said, and it could be considered a cliche, but the
powerful words, “there is no day like today” rings so very true during this time
of cutting back in the American economy.

I have thought about it a lot.
Our family, like any other, is going through our priorities and reevaluating
what we consider important enough to invest our money into. Everyday new
challenges are presented to us and we carefully consider how we will handle them
in light of our own financial situations. So I know what it means when clients
and friends say that they are trying to be wise when making decisions about

However there is something unique about photography that is
not true about a lot of our other expenditures. A lot of the things that we buy
will be around tomorrow and next week and next year for us to buy. That new flat
screen television will still be at Best Buy (given that Best Buy is still in
business, lol!) next year. In fact if you wait you may even get a better model.
And that new couch and loveseat set will still be at the furniture store next
year or you may find one that you like even better for a better deal later this

But your children, and family will not be the same later this
year. Your newborn baby will not be as small as he or she was the first 10 days
of his or her life ever again. Your one or two year old will not be a toddler
forever. You will not be pregnant 9 months from now with the child you are now
carrying (THANK GOODNESS, right?). And your wedding day is a once in a lifetime
event. The exact make up of your family as it is today will never be the same.
Kids grow, situations change, dad’s lose their hair… like it is said, there is
no day like today.

So here is my point. When you are reevaluating your
budget and choosing your priorities, please do not under estimate the value of
having the moments of your life captured by a professional photographer. Your
baby girl’s smile is priceless, get a tangible memory of that up on your wall as
art. Your family is beautiful. And as many of our possessions are becoming less
of a priority in this economic time, the value of family increases. Today is the
day to turn your memories in to art.

And here is the deal. If you
mention this blog post to me in an email and then you go on to book a full
session with me before June 30, 2009, you will receive a $50 print credit for
making your family’s memories a priority during these tough times. It is my
challenge to you to make sure and treasure the moments of your life, and to let
me be a part of capturing those moments.

Since my packages are digital, I will match her $50 credit, but it will be off your session fee! That means $50 off of any full session as long as you book before June 30, 2009! The only catch is that you must pay a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. (If you need to reschedule, the deposit will transfer to the new date.)

Thank you to Kristy Lynn Photography for the above post.


iconAppropriate for the day