iconAhhhh, sweet perfection!

Let's be completely honest, a lot of newborns arrive looking...ummm...like they have been through the ringer. It takes them a bit to recover from their journey to join us on the outside. After a few days of life on earth, they start to regain their head shape, shed their puffiness, and show us their beauty. Well this little gal was absolutely adorable right from the get-go. When I saw how squishy and yummy she was at only 3 days old, my heart leaped. I can only imagine how her parents must feel. She has the deepest dimples I have ever seen on a newborn, and the little cleft in her chin is just adorable! This is one sweet, beautiful baby!

J and G, I am still working hard to get these to you tonight. I'll give you a call a bit later. For now, enjoy your sneak peek!


iconNo nakie baby here.

Wow, this little guy gave me a run for my money. Usually newborns are super sleepy and pretty much let you just do your stuff. Not this babe. He wanted to be a part of all of the action. Just look at his wide open eyes! And I could forget about taking off all of his clothes. He would not allow that...No way, no how! But just check out how cute he is! Is that hair not the cutest thing ever?!

Here's your sneak peek, Linz. Hope you enjoy them!


iconSix-week-old sleeper

Just for the record, 2 week old babies are a lot different to photograph than 6 week old babies. This sweet one's aunt (and my dear friend) told me that she was a beautiful 2 week old baby girl. When I met "M" and found out that she was actually 6 weeks old, I had a moment of panic. But that quickly passed when I realized what a sweetheart this little one was. She actually slept quite soundly for most of the shoot, but she woke up now and then to give us a look at her beautiful eyes.

Here's your sneak peek. I hope you love them :)


iconFriday friends {St. George Baby Photographer}

On Friday I loaded up all my kids in the car, drove them over to Grandma's house to play, and then I headed off to do my own playing.

I had some very cool playmates for the day. First off it was baby "D." Check out all his hair. Love that! We had a great time hanging out together...so much fun, in fact, that he did not want to go to sleep. Silly boy. It is pretty tough to get great newborn pics when you don't go to sleep. But that is okay with me...it just means I get to come back again and spend more time with this little cutie.

Next I got a chance to meet sweet, little "M." I had so much fun dressing her up and accessorizing her in some very unique ways. She was an angel.

Check back in the next few days because I have lots more sweet baby goodness to share with you all.