Friday friends {St. George Baby Photographer}

On Friday I loaded up all my kids in the car, drove them over to Grandma's house to play, and then I headed off to do my own playing.

I had some very cool playmates for the day. First off it was baby "D." Check out all his hair. Love that! We had a great time hanging out together...so much fun, in fact, that he did not want to go to sleep. Silly boy. It is pretty tough to get great newborn pics when you don't go to sleep. But that is okay with me...it just means I get to come back again and spend more time with this little cutie.

Next I got a chance to meet sweet, little "M." I had so much fun dressing her up and accessorizing her in some very unique ways. She was an angel.

Check back in the next few days because I have lots more sweet baby goodness to share with you all.

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