iconSweet, little cherub {St. George, Utah Newborn photographer}

I'll tell you what, if I keep photographing such sweet little things, I might just end up with more children than I can handle. Every time I get around these squishy little people I feel a twinge of yearning for a new baby. I'm sure if I was around them long enough--and espcially if I was up until 4am with a wide-awake little person, then the hunger for a newborn would subside. As it is, I get to spend a few hours with them, make them look super cute, and then be on my merry way. I always walk away thinking "awwww!" But as soon as I walk through the doors at my own house and rediscover the chaos that never left while I was away, I remember why 4 children is just perfect for me.

This little gal is simply adorable! Don't you think she looks just like a little cherub. I think it is her full belly and her sweet, round face that reminds me of a cherub. She is absolutely beautiful!


iconA few more of this cute family

Remember this little cutie?!

Well, he turned one not too long ago, and I was lucky enough to take a few shots to document how stinkin' cute he is at one year old.

And I took some shots of these cuties too.

And then the whole fam:

I love my job!


iconMy little sister is a married woman!!

I love, love, LOVE this girl! Isn't she gorgeous? She is just as beautiful on the inside, too. She has waited a long time to be a married woman, and yesterday her dream came true. She married an amazing guy who loves and adores her. They are perfectly matched. I am just overflowing with happiness and excitement for them.

She allowed me to take some bridal photos of her in her fantastic wedding dress. This is one of the most fun shoots that I have done. It was great to be there with my sister and participating in this exciting time with her.

Enjoy the photos...and don't be shy--leave a comment, too!


iconI need your help

So I am busy editing this super fun session, but I can't figure out what I like best: Bright colors or a bit of a vintage flair. The differences are subtle, but they really change the feel of the photos, IMO. Tell me what you like best...pretty please!


iconLittle Miss B {St. George Baby and Child Photographer}

I love photography. I love photographing everything from newborns to families. But if I had to choose only one age to photograph, it would be children between the ages of 1-5. I had so, so much fun with little miss B and her family the other day. As you can see, she is such a little beauty. And what is more fun that watching a one-year-old dig into her birthday cake?! So Fun!

Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Big brothers were along for the shoot, and I couldn't help taking one of them together.