I need your help

So I am busy editing this super fun session, but I can't figure out what I like best: Bright colors or a bit of a vintage flair. The differences are subtle, but they really change the feel of the photos, IMO. Tell me what you like best...pretty please!


The Howard Family said...

Hi Dion...Ok, these pictures are just getting me excited. I can't wait to see the rest and I know they turned out great!!! You're awesome!!! I thought I'd just tell you that I kind-of like the brighter pictures better. Of course, both styles look really good...but I just thought I'd let you know what I thought. Thanks again...and I'm excited to see the rest!!!

PS...I love the cake pictures that you took!!!

raw mom said...

i love them bright! they already have a bit of a vintage touch with the location...i do love the family shot muted out a bit, but the little guys pics bright are so so lovely!

Unknown said...

Same here- the family shot looks great muted but love the singles brighter. Loving all your photos lately!!!!

Anonymous said...

Contrast is really where it is at. The bright looks great!