A fun family

OK, so check this out.

I had this fun session with a super cool family. These are people that I respect and admire in so many ways.

The supermom of these 5 gorgeous kids got everybody up and ready before 7:30am. I knew she was amazing, but that just confirmed it for me. I can learn so much about being a mom from her. Not just any mom, but a real involved, engaged, patient, loving mom. She is amazing.

Enjoy your sneak peek!


raw mom said...

i agree 100%!!! she IS amazing!!! i love that family and i love that they truly put each other first!

Sarah said...

These are great! They are such a gorgeous family. I have a great respect for them too. Nice job capturing their great family.

Jaime Miller said...

Good job! Large families are hard to get great shots...and a lot of work too!

Diann R. said...

These are awesome! I can't believe how big their kids are getting! And yes she is an amazing MOM! Not sure I could do what she does.