Meet Miss Teresa

This is my super sweet friend, Teresa. She is just as passionate about photography as I am.

But I didn't realize that she is also a Pro on the other side of the camera! Man, if all my subjects were as easy to photograph as Teresa, then my job would be way too easy.

She is sweet,



And one of the most fun people I know!

Love you, T. I hope you like these!


Unknown said...

Those are awesome!!! I love the hitch hiking one. :)

mypocketfullofposies said...

i L-O-V-E them!!!!! yay!!! i've never looked so good!:) thanks D!!!!

Sarah said...

Those are awesome. I second the hitch hiking one. I love the yellow heels!

Diann R. said...

Yep! The hitchhiking one was my favorite too! Love it!

Ricki said...

This is take two on commenting! Don't delete it this time! :)! I am in love with the 5th and 6th ones down! She looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Can you show me how to have my pictures turn out as amazing as your, please?!!!! Can't wait to do it again!