4 sweet girls

I puffy heart love these girlies! Who wouldn't love hanging out with these sweet girls every day? I know I would. By the end of our session together they were asking me if I could please be their stepmom...how sweet! I'll take them. But I'm pretty sure that they would be asking for their sweet Mama (coming in a future post) before long. For now, enjoy this sweet capture of these beautiful girls.


raw mom said...

ooooo! oxoxoxoxox! i love love love these babies!!! how cute are they!! i seriously want to smooch them!!!

Ricki said...

Hey! I thought I was their other Step Mom?!!!! Guess it shows how much they love all of us!!! This is an adorable picture! I love sweet Emily in it! I am excited to see more!

Sarah said...

I love them too!! They are such amazing girls. That is a great picture of them. I'm excited to see more.