Witches night out!

I must admit, I am not normally a "dress up" kinda gal when it comes to Halloween. I am happy to get my kids all dolled up, and I love to see all of the cute/scary/clever Halloween costumes. But I prefer to watch it all while wearing a comfy pair of jeans and a warm sweatshirt. So this year when my good friends suggested that we start a new tradition of "witches night out" I was a bit leary. I wasn't sure that dressing up as a witch--and on a day that was NOT Halloween--to go out to dinner and to "Thriller" Dance performance was a good idea. Yet I gave in to peer pressure and headed out for the evening with these witches:

(Everyone had such great and unique witch outfits. I quickly grabbed as many girls as I could to take individual shots, but in my rush, I missed several witches, and I forgot to change my ISO that was set at 6400! Ooops!)

Let's be honest, it would be hard not to have a good time with these gals!! Everyone looked at us like we were crazy at the restaurant and we nearly froze sitting in the outdoor amphitheater on one of the coldest days of the season so far. And we made some fantastic memories! I feel like one of the luckiest girls around to have so many great friends!


raw mom said...

SOOOOO fun! ah the memories!!! poor {L} sitting alone waiting for us at the resturant, all the yummy cupcakes and funny looks...FREEZING outside the hoochie egyptian dancers i wish i could be more like, and yes of course the COOLEST sleeping bag blankets we got inside!!! thanks for that!! oh and thanks for the lipstick {mauh}

Heather and Trevor said...

Hey Witchy Woman! This was so much fun! I am glad you posted these to your site so I could see them! It was a blast! Thanks for taking cute pictures! If you want an invite to our blog, email me at


-Heather Jenson