I've waited long enough

Prepare yourself for picture overload. I just couldn't help myself. It was a new experience for me to have 2 willing subjects who did not try to escape my camera! Heaven, actually! And the fact that they were beautiful made it even better.

They would end up in poses like this without any direction at all. Seriously.

Again, not planned...just beautiful people being themselves.

I can't ever pass up a chance to sneak in "life is good" in a picture.

Joel has some good secrets.

Isn't she going to be a beautiful bride?!

They look good from any angle.

Doesn't she just look giddy to have this man all to herself? Bet she can't wait for the upcoming wedding.

Joel was "not feeling" these next couple shots, but I love them. I guess that is my "artsy fartsy" coming out.

And one final look at this gorgeousness. Enjoy!


raw mom said...

{LOOOVE} the last three! you know i {LOVE} atsy fartsy struff! nice job with those!!

Ricki said...

Yep! The last one is my favorite!!! How cute will they be on thier wedding day!!! I bet you had fun with these two!

Sarah said...

These are awesome!

Rachel Marie Photography said...

Gorgeous couple, and great locations and images!!

Flinders Family said...

You did an amazing job as usual, Dion! And, Joel just doesn't appreciate the good stuff. I love the last ones you did!