iconHappy holidays

I'll bet this little gal's parents and big brothers are having a very happy holiday season enjoying the new addition to the family. She was just as sweet as can be. When I first got there she wasn't sure if she wanted to be awake or asleep. I debated putting her in this wooden dish while she was awake, because I didn't think it was going to be very comfortable for her. Boy was I wrong! As soon as we set her down in the dish she closed her eyes and fell right to sleep! Babies sure are funny creatures. And oh how I love them!

Here's a sneak peek that is sure to brighten your day!


iconA few for a friend

I know I am the one usually behind the camera, but occasionally I need to step in front of it, too. My friend Brittany and I did a family photo session exchange. Click on her name (and then scroll down) to see some of the great shots she took of my family. Here are just a few of hers.


iconMore sweetness

The sessions are just piling up. I am getting way behind. Time seems to fly by too fast. But this sweet, little one makes me smile. I'll bet she puts a smile on your face, too.