iconAmber & Taylor: St. George Engagement Photographer

Young love...isn't it just so sweet!?


iconI heart faces~hands

The theme this week over at I Heart Faces is "hands on fun." This is a picture of my 4-year-old daughter's hand holding the cookie she has proudly frosted all by herself. To me it represents growing up just a little bit more. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time.

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I am currently working on a session that is a blast to edit. Thought I would share one with you until I can get the rest up. Enjoy!



Some people have a hard time smiling when they get in front of a camera. Then there are those, like me, who can't do anything but smile. If I ever try to give a serious or a sexy look, I end up looking just plain silly. It always amazes and delights me when I get to take photos of someone like this who looks equally beautiful no matter what expression she has on her face. She's gorgeous, no?!


iconMy Peanut

When I decided to learn more about photography, I was excited to take some great new shots of my kids. Imagine my surprise when all of the sudden my kids gained an awful aversion to my camera. It caused wet, teary eyes for some. Others just avoided it altogether. Try as I might, I was rarely able to get a decent shot of my kids.

As time has gone on, my kids have slowly gotten over their camera distaste, and I am able to get a shot or two every now and then. This was the case the other morning when I took my sweet Peanut out location hunting. She only gave me a few minutes, but I was able to walk away with some fun shots of my little girl.

Ahhh, this little girl melts my heart. She is pure sweetness!