My Peanut

When I decided to learn more about photography, I was excited to take some great new shots of my kids. Imagine my surprise when all of the sudden my kids gained an awful aversion to my camera. It caused wet, teary eyes for some. Others just avoided it altogether. Try as I might, I was rarely able to get a decent shot of my kids.

As time has gone on, my kids have slowly gotten over their camera distaste, and I am able to get a shot or two every now and then. This was the case the other morning when I took my sweet Peanut out location hunting. She only gave me a few minutes, but I was able to walk away with some fun shots of my little girl.

Ahhh, this little girl melts my heart. She is pure sweetness!


Serena said...

She really is adorable! Love her cute little smile and the pictures are just as wonderful!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! She is SO cute and your pictures are wonderful.