iconthe pictures that almost weren't...

My good friend Teresa asked if I could get a few shots of her family, and, of course I said yes. So we quickly set up a date to take these cute gals and handsome Dad out. The night before our shoot, Teresa realized that she had scheduled for a time when her hubby would be working. Ok, no problem, just reschedule for a bit later. Well, then my own little missy decided to make it difficult for me to get out...a bit of juggling childcare and another crisis averted. Teresa packed all of her girlies in the car and picked me up...one problem: Dad hadn't quite made it home for work. We drove back to her house to wait. He was on his way; we left the movie on in the car so we didn't have to get the girls out. At this point Teresa was starting to panic a bit. She HAD to be home in less than an hour, and we hadn't even left the house yet! Just as she was about to have a meltdown, Andy walked in the door...good man! He quickly changed and we all hopped in the car. The battery was dead! No Way! The clock was down to 45 minutes and ticking. Teresa pulled out the jumper cables, and Andy hooked them all up to save the day. Uh-oh...smoke! Flames were shooting off of the cables! At this point Teresa was barely keeping it together. She started sprinting through the neighborhood in her high heels to find someone with another set of jumper cables. Thank goodness for good friends; they were over in less than a minute. The car was a bit stubborn, but within a few minutes it was running again, and we were on our way! We ended up only having about 15 minutes to get a few shots, and I discovered a great, new location! In the end, I think it all worked out alright.


icondon't stop

Don't you just love it when you have a subject that relishes their time in front of the camera and wishes that it would never end? They do exactly what you say and even comes up with great ideas of their own.

What? You haven't ever had this experience? I hadn't either until I spent the morning with this sweet beauty. She made my job very easy. She is such a fun, happy girl! Our time together was a great start to my day!


iconcoming up...

More of this gorgeous 8-year-old...

Do you like color...

or black and white?


iconamber's bridals

Some gals just get it all...beauty, brains, talents. My niece, Amber, is amazing in every way. She was such a beautiful bride for her wedding last month. I was so happy to be able to capture a few shots of her in her wedding dress. Okay, maybe a bit more than a few. A handful of shots? A group? Anyhow, there are many more where these come from. I had such a hard time narrowing them down. It is hard to cut any out when you have such a beautiful subject and location. And she was such a trooper. We nearly ruined her brand new purple shoes, and she even braved changing her clothes with the landscapers darting back and forth.

Amber, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!. I'm so glad I could shoot these for you. I hope you enjoy them!