worth the wait

This beautiful mom is the mom of three fun, crazy, and energetic boys. She knows just about all there is to know about trains, legos, and balls. But before long she will enter the world of baby dolls, purses, and dress-ups because now she is also the mom of this beautiful baby girl. However, judging from our photo shoot, this girl is going to be able to hold her own with her brothers. She is strong, alert, and not ready to let anyone tell her what to do!


Unknown said...

That is the sweetest little face! Hope you get to do follow up pictures of her she is going to be a cutie!! Good thing she has those three brothers! :)

monica said...

Great post! :)
Thanks again for inviting Reese to be in your photos. Good thing you have so much talent because she certainly was not very cooperative.

Ricki said...

Cute baby and cute pictures! I am so glad you r taking some pictures!