my baby

One of the most common comments I hear when people find out that I am a photographer is "Oh, you must have your walls covered with beautiful pictures of your children." Sadly, that is not the case. *sigh* While I love taking pictures, I hate fighting my children to get them to cooperate. Because they have been bombarded with the camera for all or most of their lives, they usually do not willingly cooperate with my requests to take more pictures.

BUT, it looks like that might be starting to change! The other day my sidekick and I headed out the door to pick up the kids from the school bus. We were a few minutes early, so I thought I would bring along my camera and try to snap a few shots. She brought along her favorite doll, and off we went.

I was so happy when she not only cooperated with my requests, but she actually enjoyed it! We had so much fun playing with her doll and dancing in the spring air! (Almost too much fun because we had to run to make it to the bus stop in time!)

I was shocked the next day when I was folding laundry and she sweetly asked if we could go for a walk so I could take some more pictures of her as soon as I was done with the laundry. I didn't hesitate; I grabbed my camera right then and there, and once again we headed out for some fun and pictures.

I think I have some new pictures for my walls! (Now I just need to convince the other three to follow suit.)


Ricki said...

Oh my goodness! I miss that face so much! Her hair is so long and her eyes are as dazzling as ever! She is such a sweet little lady! I am so glad she hasn't lost her sweet disposition.

Rachal Brown said...

Oh my gosh she is SUCH a doll!! Beautiful pictures!

The McCulloughs said...

Oh my gosh! When did she grow up? She is adorable and these shots are amazing!! Those trees look soo beautiful and green (I am dying for green!) You are soo very talented and I sure miss you! Hope you are doing well!

Sarah said...

Aw, we miss that little peanut! Such beautiful scenery for her darling photos.

Hope you are well!