jade~6 months

I am pretty sure Jade is the world's easiest baby. Seriously. When she is hungry she sings "la-la-la." When she is tired she lets out a high pitched squeak or two. She falls asleep anywhere, and she doesn't mind too much if she misses a nap here and there. And, of course, she lights up when you pay attention to her. I don't mean to be a bragging aunt (okay, I do)...she loves me! She would always greet me with a big smile when I came around. Unfortunately, she is not quite as fond of the big, black camera that blocks my face. As soon as she saw it the expression on her face went from joy or contentment to bewilderment. And it happened lightning fast. I can't tell you how many times I tried to capture her cute habit of sucking on her toes. (I love it when babies do that!) She would be happily munching on her toes, not paying any attention to me whatsoever; I would slowly and inconspicuously as possible position myself for a shot--with my camera behind my back, of course. The second I started reaching for my camera the toes whipped out of her mouth and the bewilderment was back. I never even had a chance. Oh well, I think bewilderment is cute--at least if it is on this face.


Sunny B Taylor said...

my baby is cute. : )

Ricki said...

Yeah! You can brag about her! She is so stinking cute!!!

Julie said...

she is beautiful and you did a great job of capturing that. :0)