a wedding

Ever since I started doing photography I have been asked over and over again, "Do you do weddings?" My answer has always been a quick and determined, "No!" Weddings, I thought, were too much pressure for me. You have one chance to get it right; the day is one of the most special days of the happy couple's entire life. I didn't know if I was cut out for the stress of documenting such an important day. But recently I have begun to realize that by staying away from weddings I have been keeping myself from the beauty and the love that surrounds such a special occasion--that same beauty and love that I search for and strive to capture in all of my sessions. Perhaps it is time to change my answer.

My good friend, Jennifer, agreed to help me test the wedding waters. She allowed me to follow her around as she photographed Breann and Joseph on their special day. When I first met the happy couple, they had already tied the knot in the Washington DC Mormon Temple, and they were just beaming!
Many of their friends and family were there to share in the special day with them.
The sky had been a bit overcast for most of the day, but the rain did not start falling...until about two seconds after Breann and Joseph stepped outside.
Breann took it all in stride. She said that she would have rather had it rain than be hot and sticky like a typical summer day in Northern Virginia.

We tried to find covered areas to shoot in.

We waited out the rain and/or shot through it.

And they both looked gorgeous the entire time (unlike me, who looked like something the cat drug in)

I have to say, I didn't feel stressed at all. Breann and Joseph and their families were so great to work with. The day was filled with laughter and love...just the way I like it! I think there may be some more weddings in my future!


Ricki said...

You need to do WAY more of these kind of shoots! You are amazing at capturing moments and these are some of the most special moments a couple will ever have! I love them!

Veronica said...

Dion! Those are gorgeous!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! I hope your wedding confidence has grown cause you got some amazing shots!

Diann R. said...

Those are amazing! Seriously! So much feeling in all of those photos! You really did capture their special day and all the love and joy that comes with it!