iconThe Smiths

I am so impressed by this great family. They face every day with joy, and a relaxed, positive attitude. They are the kind of people that you want to be around because they exude a "feel good" vibe. It doesn't hurt that they are pretty to look at, too!


iconautumn splendor

Autumn in the East...mmmmmm, love!


iconi heart faces--black

That little sweetie (the one in black)...she's mine.

Much to my dismay, she seriously disliked her first (and probably only) ballet class.

Oh, but she tried to like it. (Just look at the determination on her face.)
She went every single week, and she tried to think of good things to say about it.
Because she knew that her Mama would love it if she became a little dancer.

She just didn't love it.

And so this is what I have to remember her first ballet experience by.

(And I love it!)

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