From the minute I met these beautiful children, I just knew that they needed to be in photographs. I am in love with their adorable freckles and their joyful smiles. We had a fun, energetic afternoon together and ended up with some fun shots.


iconi heart faces--beautiful black and white

This is one of my favorite images.

It captures such a beautiful and special moment: a mother and father bonding with their newborn child.

It shows a mother's natural instinct to love and nurture as she holds her baby close.

It shows a new father's hesitation at his new role and responsibility as a father and his complete adoration for this new little being.

It shows the infant's complete trust and contentment to have entered into her new life.

It makes my heart swell.

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iconhillary's other baby

Isn't he a doll!? It's easy to see why she would want another.